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  • это доступное обучение английскому языку;
  • это высокий уровень знаний;
  • это удобные условия для обучения;
  • это возможность получить сертификат международного уровня;
  • это возможность получить качественную подготовку по всем школьным предметам;
  • возможность организовать свой отдых на каникулах вместе со своими друзьями.

         Тесты. Проверьте уровень своих знаний. Ответы внизу.
Section 1. Choose the best word or phrase (a, b, c or d) to fill each blank.
1)   My name is Juan and I ___ from Spain.
      a) is;   b) be;   c) are;   d) am
2)   Where ___?
      a) does he work;  b) he works;  c) he does work;  d) works he
3)   Who did ___ at the party?
      a) you saw;   b) you see;   c) saw you;   d) see
4)   '___ to Australia, Ginny? '     'No, I haven't.'
      a) Did you ever go;  b) Will you ever go;  c) Are you ever going;  d) Have you ever been
5)   Tokyo is ___ city I have ever lived in.
      a) the most big;  b) the bigger;  c) the biggest;  d) the more big
6)   Is she the woman___ husband is a famous musician?
      a) which;   b) that;   c) who;   d) whose
7)   The police wanted to know exactly how the money___ stolen from the bank.
      a) is;   b) was;   c) gets;   d) did
8)   By the time Mary gets here, the movie ___.
      a) will finish;   b) is going to finish;   c) will have finished;   d) is finishing
9)   You ___ tell anyone about this, Sarah. It's our secret, OK?
      a) could not;    b) wouldn't;   c) mustn't;   d) don't have to
10)  I think you ___ leave now, it's getting late.
      a) can;   b) would;   c) will;   d) should
11)  I wish I ___ in such a cold country!
      a) didn't live;   b) haven't lived;   c) won't live;   d) am not living
12)  If Jack ___ music, he wouldn't have become a concert pianist.
      a) hadn't studied;  b) didn't study;  c) wouldn't have studied;  d) hasn't studied;
Section 2. Choose the best word or phrase (a, b, c or d) to fill each blank.
13)  I always go to the movies ___ Fridays.
      a) on;   b) in;   c) at;   d) by
14)  I will ___ you tomorrow.
      a) shout;   b) cry;   c) call;   d) say
15)  Hannah's a really ___ person. She's always smiling.
      a) sensible;  b) interesting;    c) talkative;   d) cheerful;
16)  I have no ___ what time the swimming pool opens.
      a) belief;   b) opinion;   c) idea;   d) feeling;
17)  It was a beautiful day so we went on a boat ___ on the lake.
      a) ride;   b) travel;   c) drive;   d) sightseeing
18)  It was a   great meal, but pretty expensive. Just look at the ___!
      a) ticket;  b) recipe;   c) invoice;   d) bill
19)  Laura rarely lives the house without ___ her make-up on.
      a) doing;   b) putting;   c) having;   d) getting
20)  Joel came back from his holiday in Brazil looking really ___.
      a) tanned;   b) sunned;   c) coloured;   d) darkened
Section 3. Choose the best word or phrase (a, b, c or d) to fill each blank.
21)  I am not very interested ___ sports.
       a) for;   b) about;   c) in;   d) to
22)  She likes___ expensive clothes.
       a) to wearing;   b) wearing;   c) wear;   d) is wearing
23)  Harry ___ his father's car when the accident happened.
      a) was driving;   b) drove;   c) has driven;  d) has been driving
24)  I was wondering ___ tell me when the next plane from Chicago arrives?
      a) could you;   b) can you;   c) if you could;   d) please
25)  If I ___ you had canceled the meeting I would not have turned up!
      a) knew;   b) have known;   c) had known;   d) know
26)  I like your hair. Where ___?
      a) cut you it;   b) did you have it cut;   c) do you cut it;   d) have it cut
27)  I think Joey must ___ late tonight. His office light is still on.
      a) have worked;   b) work;   c) be working;   d) to work
28)  John tells me Jack's going out with Helen, ___ I find hard to believe.
      a) that;    b) who;    c) whose;   d) which
29)  We ___ to the new house by the end of the week, so we won't be here next  Sunday.
      a) will have moved;   b) will be moving;   c) will move;   d) are moving
30)  What ___ this weekend, Lance?
      a) will you do;   b) are you doing;   c) will you have done;   d) do you do
31)  The weather has been awful. We've had very ___ sunshine this summer.
      a) little;   b) a little;   c) few;   d) a few
32)  Did you hear what happened to Kate? She ___.
      a) is arrested;   b) arrested;   c) has been arrested;   d) is being arrested
Section 4. Choose the best word or phrase (a, b, c or d) to fill each blank.
33)  I often ___ football when I am at the beach.
       a) have;    b) go;    c) do;    d) play
34)  My sister ___ the cooking in our house.
      a) does;   b) makes;  c) cooks;   d) takes
35)  Don't forget to ___ the light when you go out.
      a) turn up;    b) turn in;    c) turn off;   d) turn over
36)  I hope this cut on my hand ___ quickly.
       a) cures;   b) heals;   c) treats;   d) restores
37)  She just burst into ___ when she heard the tragic news.
       a) crying;   b) tears;   c) cries;   d) break down
38)  He ___ that he hadn't stolen the computer, but no one believed him.
      a) reassured;   b) informed;   c) insisted;   d) persuaded
39)  Could you ___ me that book for a couple of days, please?
       a) lend;   b) owe;  c) borrow;   d) rent
40)  Greg is ___ a lot of time at Yvonne's house these days!
      a) taking;    b) spending;    c) having;   d) doing.
Section 5. Choose the best word or phrase (a, b, c or d) to fill each blank.
41)  Who ___ in that house?
      a) does he live;   b) lives;   c) did he live;   d) he lives
42)  I will call you when I ___ home.
      a) get;   b) will get;   c) got;   d) getting
43)  If you ___ me, what would you do?
      a) was;   b) would be;   c) were;   d) have been
44)  I don't know where ___ last night.
      a) did he go;    b) he did go;   c) went he;   d) he went
45)  John and Betty are coming to visit us tomorrow but I wish ___.
      a) they won't;   b) hadn't;   c) they didn't;   d) they weren't
46)  I am so hungry! If only Bill ___ all the food in the fridge!
      a) wasn't eating;  b) didn't eat;   c) hadn't eaten;   d) hasn't eaten
47)  I regret ___ harder in school.
      a) not studying;  b) not to study;   c) to not study;  d) not have studied
48)  Surely Sue ___ you if she was unhappy with your work.
      a) will tell;   b) would have told;   c) must have told;   d) had told
49)  Our neighbours aren't very polite, and __ particularly quiet.
      a) neither they aren't;   b) either they aren't;   c) nor are they;   d) neither did they be
50)  We had expected that they ___ fluent English, but in fact they didn't.
      a) were speaking;  b) would speak;  c) had spoken;  d) spoke
51)  I'd rather ___ next weekend, but I do!
      a) I don't have to work;   b) didn't have to work;  c) not to work;  d) no working
52)  Harriet is so knowledgeable. She can talk about ___ subject that comes up.
      a) whatever;  b) whenever;   c) wherever;   d) whoever
Section 6. Choose the best word or phrase (a, b, c or d) to fill each blank.
53)  I always ___ milk in my coffee.
      a) have;   b) eat;   c) cook;   d) make
54)  I ___ TV every evening.
      a) watch;  b) look at;  c) see;   d) hear
55)  Can you give me a ___ with my bag.
      a) leg;   b) buck;   c) hand;   d) head
56)  Before you enter the triathlon, please bear in ___ that you're not as young as you used to be!
      a) thought;  b) question;   c) mind;   d) opinion
57)  The breath test showed he had consumed more than three times the legal limit of alcohol, so the police arrested him for ___.
      a) trespassing;   b) mugging;   c) speeding;   d) drunk driving
58)  The meeting was ___ and not very interesting.
      a) time-wasting;   b) time-consuming;   c) time-using;   d) out of time
59)  After the movie was released, the main ___ point was its excessive use of
       a) discussion;   b) speaking;   c) conversation;   d) talking
60)  There have been several big ___ against the use of GM foods recently.
      a) campaigns;   b) issues;   c) boycotts;   d) strikes.

Test answers
1) d
11) a
21) c
31) a
41) b
51) b
2) a
12) a
22) b
32) c
42) a
52) a
3) b
13) a
23) a
33) d
43) c
53) a
4) d
14) c
24) c
34) a
44) d
54) a
5) c
15) d
25) c
35) c
45) d
55) c
6) d
16) c
26) b
36) b
46) c
56) c
7) b
17) a
27) c
37) b
47) a
57) d
8) c
18) d
28) d
38) c
48) b
58) b
9) c
19) b
29) a
39) a
49) c
59) d
10) d
20) a
30) b
40) b
50) b
60) a
Total score
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